iFil basic technology for all manufacturers.

The basic technology of the intelligent filter is platform-independent and can be used by all manufacturers in a very wide range of applications in ventilation technology - from the turbine in ventilation systems through to the respiratory flow measuring device for emergency care. The new technology allows patient-related measurement of the respiratory flow in the main flow using MEMS sensor. Manufacturers can adapt the sensor-based respiratory flow and CO2 measurement technology developed by Küfner individually to the requirements of their application, or use it as an accessory or integrated functional module. Use of the iFil basic technology is possible for both existing systems and for newly developed applications. Talk to us if you want to use this universal basic technology for your application, too. The iFil technology has already been successfully used on prototypes of feedback systems for heart-lung massage.

Measurement, analysis, control, documentation - for all applications and manufacturers in medical technology

With intelligent filters from Küfner, all manufacturers in medical technology and other fields can measure, analyse, document and, if necessary, control the functions and effects of their equipment in real-time during operation. The use of intelligent filters allows our customers, for example, to carry out maintenance work on their systems whenever necessary, and hence to reduce their operating costs. Malfunctions and pending failures of equipment can be detected in good time and more extensive damage to systems and components can be prevented. Furthermore, the combination of the functions for filter and sensor in one part also allows the number of components and suppliers to be decreased, and hence the development and coordination costs to be reduced.

From screen to intelligent filter - with innovative sensor-based technology from Küfner

Until now, screens and filters served to retain particles and to protect the downline equipment and systems against failure and damage. Intelligent filters, on the other hand, can provide additional information from all locations where screens and filters are installed (often accessible with a great deal of (maintenance) work). With the aid of sensors developed by Küfner, intelligent filters can, for example, measure temperature, pressure, change in pressure, flow velocity, flow rate or moisture content directly where they occur.

Do you want to use intelligent filters in your project?

Describe your challenge to us. We promote the solution with intelligent filter technology.

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