iFil Flow - feedback system for hearth-lung massage by measuring the respiratory flow.

"Cardiovascular disorders are the number one cause of death in Germany: 40.2 percent of the deaths among the population in 2011 occurred as a result of a cardiovascular disorder. That means some 342,000 people, 145,500 men and 196,000 women. Heart attack as cause of death was discovered in a total of 55,286 cases in 2011."

iFil Flow assists first aiders from the start of the first aid measure through to the admission of the patient to the clinic

iFil Flow is a respiratory device that is connected to the patient's mouth to monitor the breathing and the heart-lung massage. It informs the first aider visually and acoustically about the course of the reanimation. The core functions of iFil Flow are:

  • Measurement of the vital breathing parameter
  • Measurement of the strength of the heart-lung massage via the passive respiratory flow
  • Indication of the correct frequency of the heart-lung massage
  • Monitoring of the heart-lung massage via a movement sensor in the case of obstructed airways

Sensor-controlled filter measures, analyses and stores breathing parameters

The breathing sensor of the iFil Flow measures the passive respiratory flow generated by the heart-lung massage and gives a corresponding and easily recognised signal to the first aider via the display.

Benefits of iFil Flow

  • Measurement of the heart-lung massage via the patient's passive respiratory flow
  • Reliable and inexpensive sensor technology
  • Simple operation, intuitive display
  • Can be used as a stand-alone device or in combination with a defibrillator

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