iFil technology for all applications in emergency care and anaesthesia.

The sensor-based iFil basic technology is revolutionising the techniques and processes to date in emergency care and anaesthesia. The basis of the product series developed by Küfner is the idea that vital measurements in medical apparatus should be carried out directly at the patient, and hence to make them better and more effective. Apparatus and methods used to date in medical technology for CO2 measurement, for example, are based on bypass flow measurements with long hoses, large dead air volumes and temporally offset measurement results. The patient-related measurement with the iFil CO2, on the other hand, measures the crucial values for the carbon dioxide content of the exhaled air directly at the th, and hence faster and more precisely. The more exact results for these parameters allow not only a faster reaction to the patient's situation, but also an optimum setting of the treatment methods and has a positive effect on the patient's recovery time.

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