The many fields of application for intelligent filters.

Intelligent filters can be used wherever information can be gathered, analysed and used directly for the improvement of decisions by measuring liquid or gaseous media. The possible fields of application of intelligent filters include, for example, medical equipment, automotive applications or household products:

  • Measurement and control in automotive engineering: Air flow meters with intelligent sensors allow improved engine control and increase the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of automotive components.
  • Filters with lifetime display in medical technology: Information on the change and maintenance intervals for a filter ensure smooth and reliable operation in equipment where availability and hygiene are at a premium.
  • Filters with RFID technology: The marking of filters using RFID technology ensures the use of only OEM parts and provides protection against the application of non-approved copies. The use of the RFID technology also allows the parts employed to be traced back, and thus increases the safety of medical products.
  • Rescue chain in emergency care: Intelligent filters in medical technology (see iFil products) record data on the patient's condition and treatment along the whole rescue chain and accompany the accident victim from the reanimation through to the admission to the hospital. The stored information can be read out and transferred to the emergency report.
  • Intensive care and anaesthesia: During the ventilation of the patient, the CO2 content of the exhaled air is measured and analysed by means of a sensor directly at the patient's mouth. (see iFil CO2)
  • Suction units in dental technology: Measurement of the efficiency and maintenance level of filters employed to protect pumps in suction units.
  • Household appliances: Measurement of the degree of soiling and water quality directly at the taps and fittings.

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