Resuscitation: respiratory measuring device records the rate of respiration and monitors the cardiac massage

Feedback system of the latest generation for cardiac massage.

The new respiratory measurement device connected to the mouth of the patient records respiration and monitors the chest compressions.

Küfner presents a new development. Connected to the patient's mouth, the respiratory measuring device accompanies and assists first aid workers from when they start first aid measures up to when they hand over the patient to the clinic. During resuscitation, the device records the respiration of the patients and checks that the cardiac massage is being carried out effectively. Moreover informs the first aider visually and acoustically of the progress of the resuscitation. The core functions of this innovation include:

  • Measurement of the vital parameter of respiration
  • Measurement of the force of the cardiac massage from the passive flow of respiration
  • Clock rate for the correct frequency of the cardiac massage
  • Recording of the cardiac massage in concealed respiratory tracts via a motion sensor

Instead of the depth of thorax depression, the new developtment measures effective chest compression from the respiratory flow it generates. The device consists of a disposable flow tube with flow sensor and a housing with evaluation electronics, motion sensor, power supply and display. A docking station is used to transfer the data recorded to an emergency protocol. It can be connected with a defibrillator or used on its own. When connected to a defibrillator, the clock frequency for the cardiac massage is output as an acoustic signal by the defibrillator. In standalone operation, the frequency is indicated by a flashing symbol on the display of the device..

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