Patient-related CO2-measurement presented at Compamed.

Küfner puts patient-related measurement of breathing parameters into practice

Patient-related CO2-measurement of breathing parameters is carried out via a sensor positioned in the main flow.

Together with development partnership Hahn-Schickard Küfner has presented the patient-related CO2-measurement for the first time at Compamed by means of a demonstrator. Systems used to date measure the CO2 values of the patient's exhaled air in the bypass flow or main flow using different methods, each of which has advantages and disadvantages. The new patient-related measurement of breathing parameters developed by Küfner together with Hahn-Schickard research institute combines the advantages of the different methods for CO2 measurement in a single technology and can be used in emergency care, anaesthesia and emergency transport: The CO2 content of the patient's exhaled breath is measured by a sensor located directly at the patient's mouth. The CO2 measurement is therefore faster and more precise, and intubation of the patient is no longer a precondition for the measurement. More about the patient-related CO2-measurement.

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